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Cohesive group

Become part of a group distributed throughout the country and composed of the best


Professional Experts

A trained team with the right skills to manage any business profile


Bearers of values

We defend the identity of Italian entrepreneurship in the world.


The rebirth of Italian entrepreneurship

We have decided to be the voice of the soul of Italy :​

Assimprenditori is the Association of all Italian freelancers and professionals.

a 360°



Cutting-edge solutions for the protection of all members

We plan, design and implement new solutions day after day to provide maximum support to those who rely on our advice


We implement

We are by your side in improving your corporate business system

We plan

From small to large entrepreneurs, to guarantee common solutions

We design

Services and consultancy for a total management of needs

Enter in Assimprenditori



Why join Assimprenditori?
​​Discover all the benefits you can enjoy

1) Because through the Entrepreneurs Association you can access a team made up of experts at 360 degrees, in the various services, to support you in your entrepreneurial path.


2) Because every day we will ask the Government with determination for a reduction on taxation: an inequitable and unsustainable burden for entrepreneurs who create jobs and wealth.


3) To have access to our network, our events and professional growth courses.


4) To enjoy strong discounts with affiliated companies.


5) Because you will finally be able to ask for information about your business, having immediate answers.


6) Because with the Network we have created, from today you too can develop your business with associated Entrepreneurs.


7) Because WE give THE SAME VOICE TO ALL: the last as well as the first.


8) Because you can finally be part of a group that has the same needs as you.


9) Because we, besides the company, respect the entrepreneur.


Always by your side
​​To reach new heights

Assimprenditori is always close to you at any time, because ours is a big family and for whatever reason you will need support, do not hesitate to contact us. Within the Association there are various opportunities to grow your brand, your business or give voice to your ideas. Assimprenditori will give you the opportunity to access the many events organized for you as an ENTREPRENEUR ...


What are you waiting for to contact us for a totally free meeting and you will decide yourself whether to become part of our big family. Many Entrepreneurs like you are already part of this group. Assimprenditori the Association created to give you a voice ...


Our services

• Administrative advice

Organisational assistance

Personnel management

Assistance and advice for accounting and corporate taxation. Support for tax compliance

Assistance and advice for practices Inps, Inail, Iva and at the Chamber of Commerce. Support in the matter of issuing certificates, screws and for the drawing up of budgets

Advice and support on work and resource management

Insurance  advice

Legal Advice


Private, commercial, criminal, industrial, administrative, labor, community and bankruptcy law. Trademarks and patents; advice on consumer rights issues

Assistance and advice for analysis and adaptation to current regulations. Information and training for compliance with corporate privacy and data processing

Assistance and consultancy in business management, planning, programming and control, business organization, business logistics, extraordinary finance

Insurance consulting

Corporate Conventions

Banking Irregularities

Consulting in the stipulation of insurance policies, for terms of coverage and economic conditions. Offer of insurance products tailored to the assets of the company

Current account irregularities and periodic monitoring, bank usury, anatocism, undue charges, leasing, mortgages and financial derivatives. Simulations amortization plans

Incubation services for start-ups and spin-offs. Support for business consolidation. Market analysis, organizational models and processes, economic and financial planning.

Tax folders

Financial conventions

Bank Guarantees

Equitalia and Internal Revenue Service disputes. Audits, econometric reports and appeals for audit calculations and folders, requests for reduction of amounts claimed and oppositions

Verification of guarantees for obtaining mortgages and credit facilities. Request for reduction of guarantees, adjustment to ratings, request for cancellation of interests

Financing, investments, creditworthiness assessments, assistance for all types of financial needs, guarantees on banking transactions

Communication and Marketing

Foreign markets

International Promotion

Assistance and consultancy in the drafting and forwarding of applications, issuance and transfer of operating licenses, trade licenses, authorization to start activities

Contracts and international taxation, commercial promotion, information on opportunities abroad, assistance for participation in trade fairs and exports.

Consulting and Support of a team of experts in the areas of Communication and Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Content Marketing to grow companies on the web



Our goal is to help companies to expand into foreign markets by supporting all operations from bureaucratic to commercial ones. The Association also promotes every kind of institutional, commercial and financial relationship between Italy and other countries.

Assimprenditori offers services to entrepreneurs who want to open up to new markets or relocate part of their activities. For some years now, it has become increasingly evident that companies need to open up to global markets and make their spectrum of action more international in nature.

Associates Today 
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